Our mission is to help you save money and fight climate change too. How does this work?

So often we buy things that we don’t need, with money we don’t have. This can easily rack up debts, which require us to work harder and for longer. At the same time, everything we buy has an impact on our world.

By reducing waste and buying only what we really need and want, we get a double win: more cash, and a cleaner world. At the same time, we have enormous power to change things with the things we decide to spend our money on. At LiveLight, we’re constantly looking for the products and services that hit the ‘sweet spot’ of saving you money whilst also being kinder to our world.

The LiveLight Process

Here’s the process:


LiveLight makes available all of the tools that Mr GreenBeard has used over the past 10 years to save £90k+ and get his carbon footprint to around 3 tonnes.

Why not take a Cost and Carbon Snapshot? It’s a great first step to saving a tonne of cash and a tonne of carbon!

LiveLight was set up by its founder Mr GreenBeard to help more people take positive action on climate change and save a wad of cash in the process.

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