April was a pretty unremarkable month from a  cash and carbon point of view. But the big news is that I finally got round to switching from my long-term green energy supplier, Good Energy, to Bulb. The reasons were mostly financial – Bulb charge quite a lot less per unit of energy whilst using 100% renewables. It wasn’t an altogether easy decision, I felt an amount of loyalty for Good Energy, and have a lot of sympathy with their desire to invest in more of their own renewables.

Bulb saves me £200+!

However, the new house continues to leak away our funds, and until the work is done to make it more energy efficient, I need to cut bills in other ways. And Bulb came out on top, promising to save me over £200 a year, or £20 a month, through lower – yet still renewable – tariffs. That’s not bad. And the switch process from Good Energy to Bulb was incredibly painless.

The other thing that I liked about Bulb was that if you use this referral link to switch, we both get a £50 off our bills. If that sounds good, then do a price comparison now. If you haven’t switched in a while, or are with one of the ‘big six’ energy companies (Eon, British Gas, SSE, NPower,  Scottish Power, or EDF) then it is likely that you will save some cash. If you aren’t already with a renewable energy provider, then it is pretty much the easiest thing you can do to make a positive difference.

The monthly numbers

Just in case you haven’t read the monthly update before, I monitor my spend and greenhouse gas each month via the Home Cost Tracker app. I reckon this has saved me thousands over the years as well as slashing my carbon footprint to a quarter of the national average.

In April, I spent £76 on gas and electricity. Here’s what the graph looks like so far this year.

I also spent a very outrageous £123 on car fuel in April. This was because we ended up cancelling our Easter holiday in Northumberland and driving down to Land’s End instead at the last minute. It turned out to be a good move, as the weather was much better and the surf was top drawer! One of the great things about monitoring and saving cash on boring stuff means that there is more money for holidays. Small pain for big gain, I say.

Til next time.


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