Is “Farage Warming” a thing?

With a scorching hot Bank Holiday weekend just behind us, it seems hard to imagine we were only recently  locked deep in the coldest winter since time began*. Prominent climate change deniers like Nigel Farage were quick to point at the snow and ice to imply that climate change was somehow not real – maybe just […]

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Climate action saved me £90k+

Eleven years ago, I decided I wanted to do something positive about climate change. There wasn’t much of a blueprint to follow back then. But I wanted to do something, and I felt that the place to start was with the things I can control; the things I spent my money on. It can still […]

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How much stuff?!

In 1950s America, the average middle class couple had enough money to buy everything they needed. Only one person of the couple would need to work to cover all the household expenses (usually the man, back then) and the retirement age was 60, with a great pension. Nowadays, across the developed world, both partners in […]

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Save a packet on groceries

Eating is one of those everyday essential acts that has great potential to bring a lot of pleasure. I love good food, and spend a reasonable chunk of my day preparing, eating, or thinking about food. I also have to declare right now that I spend a lot of money on food. So how do I square […]

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