No fly holidays

I used to be a huge fan of flying – and I certainly did my fair share. However, a sober assessment of the climate damage caused by flying in 2006 led me to give it up entirely, and seek out other options. I thought at the time that this would be a difficult aspect of […]

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Slash your home energy bills

If you dread the sound of your energy bills hitting the doormat then you might need to have a look at this. The average UK household spends around £1,400 a year on gas and electricity, or £120 a month. Living a three tonne lifestyle would see you spending around £600 a year. That’s a saving of around […]

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Drive down the cost of your vehicles

The average household will do around 10,000-12,000 miles a year in an average car that does about 40mpg. That equates to £1,770 in fuel, £1,830 in car owning/maintenance, and around 4 tonnes of greenhouse gas. Fancier and/or bigger cars will generally account for much, much more. Of course, not owning a car at all is […]

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Flying into trouble?

I feel sorry for the poor sods who live near a major airport like Heathrow. The skies around Sheffield seem to boom almost continuously with the noise of jet engines these days. And of course, we don’t even have an airport anymore. So living under the flight path of Heathrow must be pretty much unbearable […]

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