Find out what climate change action you can take to make a big difference. Our three tonne challenge only takes around 5 minutes, and you get your results instantly.

Our calculator also tells you how much cash you can save at the same time as taking positive climate change action.

How to get started

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  • Guessing is ok, but be aware you will probably underestimate how much you spend.
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Wait. What? Three By 30?

The latest science tells us that we all need to have a three tonne carbon footprint by 2030. That is just three tonnes of greenhouse gases from everything we buy, consume or do. Most of us are nowhere near this, of course, but it is surprisingly easy to reduce your carbon footprint. Doing this this doesn’t just mean that we are doing everything we can to avoid the worst impacts of climate change either – you can also save a tonne of cash, which can help you achieve your financial goals.

If you aren’t ready to take the Three Tonne Challenge, read about why three tonnes is so important  and how this can help you financially too.