Can the Government really stop climate change?

The actress and climate activist Emma Thompson got a bit of flack last week for flying from the US to join the Extinction Rebellion climate change protests. For me, this throws the issues into sharp focus. Extinction Rebellion Just in case you missed it, Extinction Rebellion are using direct non-violent resistance to demand that the […]

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Why does three tonnes matter?
Climate change action to save planet earth

We –  the human race – currently pump 53 gigatonnes of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere each year.  This gas mostly comes from burning coal, oil and gas, although clearing forests, agriculture and producing cement also have big roles. So, every time we fire up the central heating, or the car, or the TV, or […]

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Syria: caught between fossil fuels and climate change

Syria has been in the news almost constantly over the past seven years as the scene of many atrocities and endless suffering. The early uprisings of the ‘Arab Spring’ – against brutal government actions and the spiralling cost of living – quickly developed into all out civil war, with international support for both sides from […]

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