Why does three tonnes matter?
Climate change action to save planet earth

We –  the human race – currently pump 53 gigatonnes of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere each year.  This gas mostly comes from burning coal, oil and gas, although clearing forests, agriculture and producing cement also have big roles. So, every time we fire up the central heating, or the car, or the TV, or […]

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Flying into trouble?

I feel sorry for the poor sods who live near a major airport like Heathrow. The skies around Sheffield seem to boom almost continuously with the noise of jet engines these days. And of course, we don’t even have an airport anymore. So living under the flight path of Heathrow must be pretty much unbearable […]

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I’m doing it all wrong

I’m the most environmentally conscious person I know. I’m rapidly heading for a three tonne carbon footprint. This is half the global average of greenhouse gas, and a quarter of the UK average. However, it looks like I must be doing it all wrong. I drive a car. I eat meat. I go on foreign holidays. I don’t recycle all that much. […]

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